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Wednesday 09 November 2016

 The struggle continues for Georgina Beyer
Posted in: Community  25th October 2016
Georgina Beyer confirms her kidney donor is a gay man but that as things stand she may never be able to take advantage of his "incredibly generous" offer. And she talks about how she keeps going in face of compounding medical problems.

 Leading from the head and the heart
Posted in: Health & HIV, Community  28th September 2016
The first gay man to head the NZ AIDS Foundation in fifteen years talks about how his sexuality is integral to how he sees his job and the work ahead.

 Orange lighting
Posted in: Community  8th July 2016
Is Justice Minister Amy Adams response that it would be 'too complicated' to sift through the four hundred convictions under the pre-reform Crimes Act convincing?

 LGBTI youth changemakers: Whiti Timutimu
Posted in: Community  8th June 2016
Whiti Timutimu helped start Giosborne's Qmunity Youth Group which received a Youth Week Award. She talks about the big issues facing LGBTI youth and the work she does to support them.

 LGBTI youth changemakers: Bella Simpson
Posted in: Community  3rd June 2016
Bella Simpson is one of the amazing young LGBTI change-makers recently recognised at the Youth Week Awards. We chat to Bella about coming out, working with youth and the big issues facing trans youth today.

 The future is bright
Posted in: Community  12th May 2016
Aych McArdle is a tireless community worker and a familiar face in the LGBTI communities. We chat to them as they prepare to head to Geneva for a Human Rights Defenders programme.

 The birth of the Wellington Binder Exchange
Posted in: Community  9th April 2016
Launching this week and we chat to Coordinator of the exchange, Charles Prout about transitioning and the importance of community exchange.

 The land of birds
Posted in: Community  12th March 2016
Executive Director of ILGA, Renalto Sabbadini delivered a beautiful speech this week at the opening of the ILGA Oceania Proud Health and Human Rights Conference. We thought we would share his words with you.

 The beautiful sounds of Ladyfruit
Posted in: Community  7th March 2016
Wellingtonians are in for a treat this year, with Te Kahureremoa Taumata aka Ladyfruit performing for her third time at the Out in the Park fair.

 Stephen Bowness: One final bow
Posted in: Community  23rd February 2016
Having sung in cathedral choirs from the age of ten, joining the GALS choir before the turn of the new millennium, Stephen Bowness has taken to the stage to conduct his last show with the group.

 Pronouns and video games
Posted in: Community  10th February 2016
From their first introduction to the Legacy Project in 2014, encouraged by friend Joni to audition for an acting position, Iana Grace is back again, this time as writer of The Pronoun Game.

 GLBTI lives: Hahna Briggs
Posted in: Community  18th January 2016
For Queer Support Coordinator at Otago University, Hahna Briggs, coming out and giving back to the community has been a journey that has brought clarity and a passion for change.

 Glbti lives: Allyson Hamblett
Posted in: Community  13th January 2016
Transgender rights advocate Allyson Hamblett is next in line for our summer series profiling our great LGBTI community leaders and change-makers around the country.

 GLBTI lives: Toni Duder
Posted in: Community  9th January 2016
Toni Duder is one of our great young community change-makers, especially through her role as the RainbowYOUTH Communications Manager.

 GLBTI Lives: Grant Robertson
Posted in: Community  8th January 2016
Rainbow Labour MP Grant Robertson is the next up for our series profiling people who have been positively influencing the way we glbti people live our lives.