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Wednesday 09 November 2016

 It's time to get writing
Posted in: NZ Writing  30th September 2015
Lgbti New Zealanders are being urged to get their creative juices flowing for The Wallace Arts Trust Prize short fiction contest. Short stories on the theme ‘A Kiwi Romance’ are being called for.

 Want to join a glbt/queer writing group?
Posted in: Books, NZ Writing  9th June 2015
Auckland based writer/editor Lynne Jamneck is interested in establishing a GLBT/Queer writing group with a particular focus on genre writers.

 NZ Writing: Hate by Diane Sparkes
Posted in: NZ Writing  9th February 2015
After being bullied, harassed and verbally assaulted by a young man who decided she was a ‘transvestite’ Diane sat down in tears to record on paper the trauma she had experienced.

 NZ Writing: Same Sex
Posted in: NZ Writing  12th January 2015
A poem Katerina N Clark says was inspired by "stories and struggles and how easy it is to judge someone just by what they look like".

 Joy, by Warwick Broadhead
Posted in: NZ Writing  10th January 2015
In 2006 we published Warwick Broadhead's take on the concept of the joy of being gay. In light of his sad passing, we share his words once more.

 Off the Wall: Decoding the 'gay' code
Posted in: NZ Writing  10th September 2014
"It would be natural that eyes reveal a man's sexuality. That mystical gay gaze. Something just happens when you catch a guy's eye and you then instantly 'know'."

 NZ Writing: How are you?
Posted in: NZ Writing  7th October 2013
"Most times it’s easier to just say ‘Fine.’ Most people aren’t listening anyway. Nowadays ‘How are you?’ has become such a reflex that everyone says it," writes Jern Ng.

 NZ Writing: The Strange
Posted in: NZ Writing  29th September 2013
In The Strange, the world of an unhappily married man is opened anew by a stranger on a beach.

 NZ Writing: Summer Rain
Posted in: NZ Writing  23rd August 2013
"He came into my life like summer rain; sudden, unexpected, but greatly welcome." Jern Ng writes.

 i'm going to write angry letters about marriage equality
Posted in: NZ Writing  13th April 2013
A beautiful sarcasm-lined poetic response to a Dom Post opinion piece about "how marriage is all about being able to do the sexing and get the babies".

 NZ Writing: Stop by Anon
Posted in: NZ Writing  19th March 2013
"I can hear the phone, see the message. I dream of you coming back to me." Anon pours her heartbreak into words, which she shares in our New Zealand Writing section.

 NZ Writing: No Longer Here and others
Posted in: NZ Writing  6th February 2013
Chaz Harris shares three pieces he has penned in our New Zealand Writing section: No Longer Here, Surrender and Wide Open.

 NZ Writing: Ecstasy and Ripped Fishnets
Posted in: NZ Writing  26th January 2013
Patrick Graham uses the song Go West by the Petshop boys as a jumping off point for his two short stories, Ecstasy and Ripped Fishnets.

 NZ Writing: Rainbow town and Jesus land
Posted in: NZ Writing  8th January 2013
Dunedin high school student Richard Brown shares a story he wrote for his Level 2 writing portfolio, which is about growing up queer in small town Puritan New Zealand.

 NZ Writing: The Call by Jern Siong
Posted in: NZ Writing  16th December 2012
In Jern Siong's The Call, a young gay man who fled home gets a phone call from his estranged religious father, who has some major pieces of news. Is there peace to be found?