More Junk Science from Mark Regnerus

October 16, 2016 in General

Family First is boosting yet another forelorn “rebuttal” of mainstream same-sex parenting research from University of Texas conservative Catholic and sociologist of religion Mark Regnerus. Except it’s not a ‘study’- it is carried out by a ‘social network analyst’, Jimi Adams, who discloses the existence of a ‘citation network’ that upholds mainstream applied pediatric and developmental psychology research that argues for the absence of negative same-sex parenting outcomes and neutrality of same-sex parenting compared to straight parenting. Regnerus argues that the current professional consensus is “based on poor methodology” (although his own poor methodology has been repeatedly criticised by his professional peers). He argues that large-scale demographic data results have only been available for the last decade. Why does he rely on one disciplinary format for data collection, anyway?

As for criticism of Regnerus’ latest punt, Bill Keller (07.04.2013) had this to say about Regnerus’ original hatchet job:

“He compared two groups of young adults. The first group told interviewers that at some point in their upbringing a parent experienced a same-sex “romantic relationship.” In most cases, the parents subsequently broke up. In other words, this group wasn’t the offspring of committed gay couples but of failed unions, some of them probably sham marriages. It’s not even clear whether the parents who strayed were gay or lesbian, or simply experimenting. The second group consisted of kids who spent their childhoods in lasting, married, mom-and-dad families.

Guess which group had problems? Regnerus, when I talked to him, conceded that his study compared apples and oranges, because “I didn’t have oranges.”

Back in 2012, it was slammed in an audit of the article in question, as well as the American Sociological Association. Nothing new to see here, and Regnerus has said nothing really new, either.

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