Canadian Antifeminist Group REAL Women Attacks “Religious Discrimination”/Upholds Anti-Transgender Discrimination

September 10, 2016 in General

REAL Women of Canada, that nation’s national antifeminist group, is parroting the US Christian Right over “religious discrimination’ concerns. It points to “the lack of protection for physicians and other healthcare workers who refuse to participate in assisted suicide for religious and conscience reasons; the failure to protect faith based institutions, business owners, organizations and others, such as those employed in the wedding industry, for engaging in service provider discrimination against same-sex couples due to civil marriage equality; attempts by several provincial Canadian law societies to prevent the establishment of a fundamentalist “law school” at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia due to the latter’s antigay entrance restrictions; allegations of ‘discrimination’ against fundamentalist Christian parents who oppose sex-education curricula, and the establishment of transgender student rights in schools, which are “contrary” to their “religious beliefs”, despite the fact that the Vatican only invented its current anti-transgender dogma in 2003 and despite the fact that these individuals and pressure groups are trying to enshrine anti-transgender discrimination within schools instead; erroneous allegations of “infringement of public safety” and “conscience and religious rights” of individuals, by proposed amendments to the Canadian Human Rights Act to provide recognition, rights and trans-inclusive antidiscrimination legislation at the federal level, given that many Canadian provinces have already taken that step; and the dismissal of fundamentalist Christians from employment for “publicly proclaiming their fundamentalist beliefs such as opposition to civil marriage equality whilst engaged in secular employment activities, as well as engaging in service provider discrimination against transgender individuals and same-sex couples.

They acknowledged that given the mainstream nature of the Canadian Trudeau administration, they won’t get anyway with this piece of shallow grandstanding, but their petition has been approved by the House of Commons Clerk of Petitions, as required under parliamentary procedure, and by MP Michael Cooper (Conservative: St. Albert – Edmonton) who will be presenting the petition in the House of Commons. REAL Women alleges that “this discrimination, which is in contradiction to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is designed to seriously curtail the practice of the Christian faith in Canada.” This overlooks the common rejoinder that while meaningful religious freedom includes the right to freedom of assembly, worship, doctrine, ordination eligibility and performance of matrimonial ceremonies according to doctrine, it does not perforce include an absolute and untrammelled right to religious practice, especially if that practice harms others. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has a “notwithstanding” clause in this context to give effect to this provision.

Hmm, that’s interesting. They appear to be restructuring their website. Wonder why?

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“Petition: REAL Women of Canada Petition on Behalf of Religious Freedom”:

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