The Humble Buttplug

November 9, 2016 in General

Frank E. Young (no relation) was a man with a particular idea. Fortunately for adult erotic entertainment, that vision involved things being inserted up other people’s rectums. Developed in 1892, the humble device was not marketed until the turn of the nineteenth century. Young’s original ‘Rectal Dilator’ was a terrifying 4 1/2-inch instrument designed to go where Uranus is, but where the sun nor stars ever shine. However, it was not originally designed as a source of erotic stimulation, but billed as a cure for piles. Under this guise, the devices were marketed to doctors and even advertised in respectable journals. People might well have gone on believing they were “medical” devices, except for the ridiculously suggestive instruction manual that came bundled with each order. For forty years these Victorian era primordial butt plugs were sold across the United States, before falling foul of the 1938 Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, which banned them for “false advertising”. Thirty years later, along came the sexual revolution, and…

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