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Wednesday 09 November 2016

Team members angry, abused after Quinn arrest

Posted in: International News
By Daily News staff - 2nd November 2016

Fellow team members of the rugby player convicted of trying to sexually assault a six-year old boy say they have been deeply disturbed by the incident and are subject to ongoing abuse.

Chargers players Dan Syrus, Matt Arthy and Leon Kennedy
Michael Quinn was arrested in a police sting operation in Los Angeles as his gay rugby team, the Melbourne Chargers, traveled to compete in the international gay rugby teams' tournament, the Bingham Cup. Quinn was yesterday sentenced to twelve years in jail.

His teammates in Melbourne have told ABC News the team lost several sponsors and eight members when the news of Quinn's arrest broke and the players have been subject to continued aggressive abuse accusing them all of being pedophiles. They say even family members have criticised them for associating with someone like Quinn.

However, they say that had no idea that he led a double life, that they were blind-sided by his arrest and completely disgusted by what he was trying to do. They say they feel anger and horror towards their former friend and are distressed at being targeted by abusive text messages and online trolls.

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