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Wednesday 09 November 2016

 Questioning sexuality in the workforce
Posted in: Our Communities  9th November 2016
A privacy policy that allows a recruitment company to ask questions relating to a person’s sexuality and sexual practices has been criticised by the Privacy Commission, who say the policy seems “excessive” and collecting information such as this is “concerning”.

 United Nations vote on LGBTI rights
Posted in: Features  8th November 2016
Fierce advocate for the rights of queer and gender diverse people, Aych McArdle speaks to us about the importance of the upcoming UN General Assembly vote and its impact on human rights.

Posted in: Comment  7th November 2016
In concentrating too much attention on US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, some LGBTI commentators fear that there has been insufficient note made of his vice-presidential running mate, Mike Pence.

 Conservatives Against Trump
Posted in: Comment  5th November 2016
As well as conservative Christians who doubt his sincerity and comprehension of religious social conservatism, Donald Trump has another source of naysayers- "movement" conservatives. Why don't conservative Republicans like their own candidate?

 Meet Mr Gay Wellington 2016: Adrian Renor
Posted in: Our Communities  5th November 2016
Adrian Renor is the newly crowned Mr Gay Wellington, we chat to the circus and dance student about being the first ever trans contestant to win a Mr Gay title in the country.

 What will Airbnb's new policy actually mean for LGBTI users?
Posted in: Our Communities  4th November 2016
Airbnb have announced a new anti-discrimination policy that all users must sign if they wish to use the website, but is a policy such as this one legally binding in New Zealand?

 Headed for the Precipice
Posted in: Comment  3rd November 2016
As Hillary Clinton prepares to probably win the 2016 US federal election, there are some ominous but also some promising notes underlying this most unusual political contest.

 Right to Life versus Inside Out
Posted in: Our Communities  31st October 2016
Right to Life New Zealand is currently launching an Official Information Act attack against RainbowYOUTH's Inside Out programme. Craig Young asks, who are these people and what are they trying to do?

 Leftists Against Clinton
Posted in: Comment  31st October 2016
There are two sets of contrarians in the current US federal election. One consists of a growing throng of anti-Trump Republicans. However, some on the political left actively dislike Hillary Clinton and may even vote against her. Why?

 Christians Against Trump?!
Posted in: Comment  29th October 2016
It is almost amusing to watch the US Christian Right and its overseas satellites contort into knots when it comes to the vexed subject of Donald Trump.