The R18 classification for game 'Watch Dogs 2' has been upheld on appeal. This is only the second time a game decision has been appealed. The R18 classification of 'Grand Theft Auto IV' was also upheld on appeal in 2008.

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We held a workshop in Wellington today discussing the potential effects of sexual violence in media. Big thank you to facilitators from Sexual Abuse Prevention Network (SAPN) and participants from
Inside Out, TOAH NNEST, Vibe, NZ Prostitutes Collective, and Stop Demand. We'll be doing further workshops in the coming weeks. Learn more about our project:…/media-release-sex…

Description text goes here|By Office of Film & Literature Classification

Podcast: Retronauts Episode 77 - the history of video game censorship

Like every type of media still in its early years, gaming is viewed (by some) as a world-destroying force bent on stealing our time and warping our innocent minds. On this episode of Retronauts, jo…

The original 'Mad Max' film has been reclassified R16 ' Violence and sex scenes'. The film was originally banned in 1979 before being made R18. Learn more about getting a classification changed:…/getting-a-classif…

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We held a workshop in Christchurch today about the potential harms of sexual violence in media. Big thank you to facilitator Dr Sue Bagshaw, and participants from START Healing, Salvation Army, Collaborative Trust, Q-Topia, Males Against Sexual Violence, Te Poutama Arahi Rangatahi, and 298 Youth Health Centre. It was a great discussion! Learn more about our project:…/media-release-sex…

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What do you think, has 2016 been a great year for horror movies?

In a year of big-budget flops, back-to-basics fright fests have been capturing the crowds.

Petition asks members of Tamil film industry (Kollywood) to refrain from producing or appearing in films that depict stalking as “a playful and acceptable way to woo a woman”:

Makers of ‘Kollywood’ movies urged to rethink plotlines rather than depicting the act as an ‘acceptable way to woo a woman’|By Michael Safi

Why do we like watching sad movies? Science explains:

Emotional drama triggers the release of

Thanks to Georgia Knowles for giving us a presentation on ACC's excellent Mates & Dates healthy relationships programme for high school students. Keep up the good work!…/…/mates-dates/index.htm

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Banned Books Week focuses on the importance of diversity in literature this year. What were the most challenged books in US libraries in 2015?…

On the subject of banned books - a year ago the book Into The River was temporarily banned from supply in NZ by an appeals board, learn more about the controversy:…/case-studies/into-river.html

It’s the 34 th annual Banned Books Week , a celebration of writing that has been challenged by would-be censors.|By Los Angeles Times

After more than 20 years, the original Mortal Kombat game has been classified as R13 'violence'. We've classified 11 previous games in the Mortal Kombat series. The original games led to a game rating system being adopted in the US (the ESRB) and the series continued to be controversial, with the 2011 version being banned in Australia, Germany, and South Korea.

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The R18 decision for 'Don't Breathe' has been upheld on appeal, find out why in our media release:…/media-release-don…
Read a Herald article about the classification:…

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Listen to NewstalkZB's interview with the Chief Censor about the change of classification for the movie Suicide Squad:…/chief-censor-raises-classifi…/
Learn more about the decision here:…/suicide-squad.html

The Chief Censor has raised the New Zealand classification of blockbuster film Suicide Squad from unrestricted M to R13. LISTEN ABOVE: Chief Censor Andrew|By Alicia Burrow

Down with hedonism: China’s media regulators to prohibit films and TV that promote “western lifestyle”.

The State Administration for Press, Publishing, Radio, Film and Television says movies and TV shows promoting overnight fame and hedonism will be banned|By Catherine Shoard

The unrestricted M rating for the movie 'Suicide Squad' has been raised to restricted R13 with a note for 'violence, horror and cruelty'. Find out why in our featured recent decision:…/suicide-squad.html
Have you seen the film? What do you think about the classification change?

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'Easy Rider' (1969) didn't get an easy ride from the NZ film censor. It was classified R16 after being cut for nudity, 'marihuana' references, and psychedelic lovemaking. The film was initially banned in Australia and this contributed to the adoption of an Australian R rating in 1971.

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What do teens think about sexual violence on screen? Our latest blog post takes a look at some initial findings from our focus group research. Let us know what you think in the comments.…/blog-sexual-viole…

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Don't miss the Screenies Children's International Film Festival - showcasing films aimed at children aged 3 to 15. "The festival is about showcasing diverse quality films that kids wouldn't otherwise see."

The event aims to show children foreign films they wouldn't get to see in mainstream cinemas.

Company confirms that banned Wicked Campers vehicles will stay off NZ roads: . Learn more about our decisions:…/…

New Zealand seems to have succeeded where Australia failed in keeping offensive Wicked vans off the roads.

Thanks to Phillip Pithyou (NZ Police Wellington Ethnic Liaison Co-ordinator) for coming to our office on Friday to discuss his important work with migrant & refugee communities.

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