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Ministry Partners


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New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society

Every church in membership of the Baptist Union is also a member of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS) of which there are four arms—Tranzsend, Banzaid, Mission World, and Marketplacers. Most of the support for this work comes from donations given by our churches and individuals known as Team Supporters.

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Carey Baptist College

Our well recognised theological and Bible training facility in Auckland. Outside of the state universities it has top status of all other tertiary education providers in its research endeavors. A wide range of courses are provided for both on-site and distance learning.

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Baptist Savings

Our investment and loans operation, making funds available to churches and their allied ministries for development of their facilities. The source of funds is deposits received from individuals and churches at interest rates akin to regular banks. Baptist Savings is continually working on an expansion of products in order to boost deposits so the needs of churches can be readily met.

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Stand Against Slavery (SAS)

SAS is a new not-for-profit organisation, launched in November 2013. Currently in the establishment phase, SAS is quickly becoming known within Government, Police, Immigration, Academia, the NGO community (nationally and internationally), and the wider community as an organisation that is determined to increase the consciousness and active participation of the New Zealand public about the global injustice of human slavery and the trading of slaves in every country in the world, including New Zealand. Its primary purpose is to fight for a slave free world.

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Contact our Baptist Union Office

Jill Hitchcock

Office Manager - National Resource Centre

P: +64 9 526 0338

Postal Address
National Resource Centre, PO Box 12 149,
Penrose, Auckland 1642

Physical Address
473 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland


Phone: (09) 526 0333



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