Who's that tapping at the window? Why look everybody, It's Loose and Dick, your hosts, here to show you a good time. Come inside and see a Kiddie's show that they refuse to air.

Join Loose and Dick and their many friends such as Hump-me dump-me, Brown beaver, and Lilly the lesbian as they whisk you away into the magical playful world of life's realties and even a party for Pat the pre-op postman!

Jump on board the fun bus as adult themes, tongue and cheek situations, and coarse language are forced into the toybox of fun and laughter. Styled like the 1970's it pays tribute to traditional children's T.V shows such as Playschool and Rainbow. It contains puppetry, quirky crafts, dance and songs such as 'Oh deary me it's the IRD', 'Fiddling all day long' and 'The drug dealer is the heart of your community'. 

What are you waiting for?

This show does not contain playdough, glitter or finger painting, although if you’re into fingering you’re in the right place.

Voted in the top 5 best characters by Metro magazine at the Auckland Fringe 2015. Cum and join our colourful friends for a night of risque entertainment.

Please note: The show contains explicit language and minor nudity.