Finding out

You are probably reading this because you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with HIV. Everyone responds differently to the news, and there is no right or wrong way to handle it.

The initial diagnosis

After the initial diagnosis it is important to take some time to think and relax. You don’t need to rush out and tell people straight away, but you may find it helpful to have some supportive friends and family around you.

Support and services

There's a range of support and services available to you including HIV peer support groups, free counselling and our library service.

HIV treatment

If you are living with HIV, you will need to consider treatment options at some point. You have an increasing number of choices regarding how to approach therapies to fight HIV and enhance your immune system.

Life with HIV

Everyone copes and reacts differently to HIV. Your approach to work, socializing and living with HIV will be unique and that is ok.

Relationships & sex

Living with HIV doesn't mean giving up sex – quite the opposite. Here is information to help you and your sexual partners have fun and keep safe.

Monitoring your health

Having a good relationship with your General Practitioner is the first step in managing your health.

Staying connected

Coming to terms with an HIV diagnosis and learning to live well with it is not something you need to go through on your own. Here are ways you can stay connected and organisations you can go to for help.