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Interesting questions

Archives' comments policy

With the launch of our Toolkit blog and Twitter page it’s a good time to mention our Comments Policy.

Records Management and social media

Following on from last week’s post, our first new piece of guidance on the Records Toolkit talks about records created by public offices and local authorities on social media.

Sentencing your records

What is sentencing?

Records Management and Cloud Computing

With cloud services being widespread and widely used, staff at public offices and local authorities need to consider how we manage our information in cloud systems.

Is my organisation covered by the Public Records Act?

The Public Records Act 2005 (the Act) gives the Chief Archivist responsibility for public and protected local authority records and archives created by organisations throughout New Zealand.

Archives New Zealand finishes the first cycle of Public Records Act 2005 audits

With the end of the 2014/15 fiscal year Archives New Zealand (Archives) has seen the end of the first five year cycle of the Public Records Act Audit programme.

Amending a Disposal Authority

Sometimes a public office can find that its existing Disposal Authority (the Authority) needs to be changed.

Deferring your transfer of records to Archives New Zealand

Last week on the toolkit blog we addressed how a public office can go about amending its Disposal Authorities.

List of Training/Education Providers

The latest addition to the records toolkit is our list of Information Management Education/Training Providers in New Zealand and Overseas (the list).

Tips for finding records in Archway

A recent survey of Government Recordkeepers found that most of the respondents felt that Archives New Zealand’s online finding aid Archway ( was not easy to use.

What do you do with the hardcopies of records that have been digitised?

Here at Archives New Zealand we’ve had a number of queries from people thinking about digitising physical records held in their office.

Decommissioning Websites

It’s a normal part of business that an organisation will create websites when it needs to.

Recordkeeping for text messages

The Chief Archivist Marilyn Little at midday today (15 September 2015) released the report of her review into the Prime Minister’s recordkeeping practices in regard to text messages.

The risk management guide for disposal of records

The latest addition to the records toolkit is the new Risk Management Guide for Disposal of Records.

Secure destruction of electronic records

The mandatory Records Management Standard for the New Zealand Public Sector requires that a public office or local authority develops/adopts and implements a robust disposal process (section 5.4).

A report from the PARBICA 2016 conference

The Pacific Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (PARBICA) held its 16th biennial conference (known as PARBICA 16) in association with the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand (ARANZ) at the University of Auckland from 7 – 10 September.

Managing statutory obligations for information and records - Archives' perspective

The Public Records Act 2005 (the PRA) sets out a number of requirements for public offices and local authorities.

The Holdings and Discovery directorate

Last month we profiled the Government Recordkeeping Directorate and this week it’s the turn of the Holdings and Discovery Directorate.

Breaches of the Public Records Act

Archives New Zealand (Archives) is responsible under the Public Records Act 2005 (PRA) for setting standards for public sector recordkeeping and encouraging the development of compliant recordkeeping practices across the public sector.