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The Appraisal Process: Part Six – Signing off and Implementation

Posted by Archives New Zealand on 4 May 2016

Blog 6

Intention to Dispose

The previous blog in this series explained the formal review to intention to dispose process. The intention to dispose notification is published on the Archives New Zealand website for 30 days for public comment.  

Any comments received are collated and analysed by a Senior Archivist/ Advisor from the Disposal and Acquisition team. You will be advised when the public process has ended.   Any comments received will be reviewed with you and amendments made if necessary. For major amendments the intention to dispose process will need to be repeated so that public comment can be received again.

If no comments are received, the process continues to the next stage.

Final sign-off

When the intention to dispose process has been completed, final approval is required from the Chief Archivist. The document will first be submitted to the Manager Disposal and Acquisition for approval, and then forwarded to the Chief Archivist.

If the Chief Archivist has further questions or comments, discussions will be held with you to resolve any issues.

When the Chief Archivist has signed and approved the Disposal Authority, you will be notified. The Disposal Authority is valid from the date it is signed by the Chief Archivist.  In most cases it is valid for 10 years.  In special circumstances a Disposal Authority may be issued for only five years.

The Senior Archivist/Advisor creates a number for the Disposal Authority.  The Disposal Authority, including the appraisal report and retention and disposal (R&D) schedule are then published on Archway.  The names of any individuals involved in creating the documents will not be published.


We send you an email to confirm approval of the Disposal Authority. Copies of the final version of the appraisal report, R&D schedule and the signed Disposal Authority are included.

The implementation of the Disposal Authority in your agency requires planning and delivery of guidance and training.   This ensures that colleagues are familiar with the recordkeeping processes required and know where to go for help.

We will arrange to meet with you to follow-up on the implementation of your Disposal Authority and continue to provide advice and support as needed.  


We welcome feedback so if you have comments or questions about this blog please feel free to comment on the blog post or contact Archives New Zealand at


Acknowledgement: The photograph is from the New Zealand Railways Corporation, Head Office collection held at Archives New Zealand and shows a new train launched at Wellington Railway Station. Archives reference: AAVK, W3493, F series_F210.


Next time: Appraisal Process: Part Seven – Working together – Expectations during the Appraisal Process.

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