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Deferring a Transfer to Archives New Zealand

Most Disposal Authorities will include provision for the transfer of some records to Archives New Zealand.

Sometimes a public office will realise a business need to retain records designated for transfer for longer than the Disposal Authority mandates. 

In these cases a public office can apply for a deferral of the transfer. A transfer can be deferred for up to five years. 

An exception exists where the records in question are less than 25 years old. In these cases it is not necessary to apply for a deferral, although it is still necessary that the access status of the records (restricted access or open access) has been defined (see section 43 of the Public Records Act 2005).

Deferring a transfer should be seen as an option for when an unexpected need for a record or class of records is realised. 

A public office should not apply to defer a transfer if it believes that the records should not be transferred at all. If the public office believes that the disposal authority is outdated or incorrect the public office can apply for an Amendment to an Existing Disposal Authority or renegotiate the status of the records upon the expiry of the existing disposal authority. 

A deferral of transfer should be requested when a public office knows that the records in question will be used and consulted regularly. If the records are only likely to be consulted on occasion the public office may find the Government Loans Service a better option.

To apply for the deferral of a transfer the public office should fill out the Deferred Transfer Agreement form:

Deferred Transfer Agreement (.doc 877kb)

The public office should submit the Agreement together with the:

 Deferred Transfer and Access Schedule Template (.xls 32kb)

 An example of the Deferred Transfer and Access Schedule Template with the fields filled in with example entries can be found here:

Deferred Transfer and Access Schedule Template - examples (.xls 34kb)

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss a possible deferral please email Archives New Zealand at: