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Government Loans Service

The Government Loans service provides the temporary return of a public archive from the custody of Archives New Zealand to public offices under certain circumstances.

Who can use this service?

Staff authorised by the administrative head of a public office to register with the government loans service and authorised staff of private companies that have succeeded to the responsibilities of a public office.

When can this service be used?

When public archives are required by public offices and private companies for administrative use. Examples of administrative use include:

• Current operational functions
• Litigation purposes
• Ministerial requests
• Review following a request to access a restricted item

It is important to note that non-current records transferred to Archives New Zealand have already been identified as no longer required for business use. Therefore this service only provides for special circumstances. 

The Government Loans service exists to temporarily loan archives into the physical custody of an authorised office. Use of the Government Loans service does not constitute a form of Disposal in any way and records loaned by the Government Loans Service are considered to remain part of the holdings of Archives New Zealand for the full duration of the loan.

Who can I contact about the service?

For further information about loaning public archives please contact : 

Auckland :      


Christchurch : 

Dunedin :        


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