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Multi-Agency Disposal Authorities

What are Multi-Agency Disposal Authorities?

Some public offices responsible for the same or similar business functions use a joint disposal authority for the management of their core public records. These joint disposal authorities are called multi-agency disposal authorities. They were previously known as general disposal authorities.

What is their purpose?

Multi-agency disposal authorities are considered to be a useful and efficient way to approach the management of the common core public records created by more than one public office or local authority .

Who has them?

The multi-agency disposal authorities legally apply to those public offices given disposal authorisation by the Chief Archivist. They can, however, be used by other public offices seeking guidance on how certain types of records are managed.

There are currently four multi agency disposal authorities for public offices and a List of Protected records to provide for local authorities. Please check our Advice for sectors pages for specific advice.

Who do I contact?

For further information about whether your sector might benefit from having a multi-agency disposal authority please contact:

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