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Changes to the records toolkit ahead

Posted by Archives New Zealand on 24 June 2016

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Kia ora tātou

As toolkit users you need to know that we are working behind the scenes to refresh the toolkit website and that these changes will be 'front-of-house' shortly. You may have noticed that it is no longer a Beta or test site.  We are now working on some changes to how we structure the information and also on updating and reformatting the information itself.  These changes will align with our work on the regulatory framework and the new standard.

This blog will be the last until we have finalised and deployed these updates.

Alongside the changes to the toolkit we are working on cleansing all of the records and information management guidance from the Archives New Zealand website.  This project was started earlier in the year but when the functionality of the website became problematic we had to go gently.  We are nearly there and want to thank you for your patience. 

We know that it will be more efficient for you to source guidance from only one site and are working to make that happen. The toolkit will be the one place for public offices and local authorities to find records and information management guidance.

When you are reading this blog think about who else in your organisation (and beyond) would benefit from knowing about and using the toolkit.  As in every sector, word of mouth is a powerful tool.  Spread the word; don’t hold back, it feels good to share!

We look forward to presenting you with the refreshed toolkit and updated guidance.  Be back with you soon.

Ngā mihi

Government Recordkeeping Directorate

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