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Records Toolkit

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What is the Records Toolkit?

This toolkit has been developed by Archives New Zealand as an online recordkeeping and information management resource. It was launched as a 'beta site' on 5 May 2015.

Here you can find information and guidance about the Public Records Act 2005, managing records, standards, training, practical tools and resources and can also contribute to building and supporting a community of practice.

This toolkit has been developed for the records and information management community in New Zealand.

It is also for members of the public who are interested in records and information management, such as vendors, consultants, and colleagues based in other jurisdictions.

Who can contribute to the records toolkit?

The toolkit will begin with basic information which will be added to and updated over time both by Archives New Zealand and by our stakeholders. 

Please feel free contribute to the content of the toolkit via blog posts or by submitting questions or comments.  You can also use it as space to share knowledge, resources and ideas.

Who do I contact?

For further information about the records toolkit please contact us at

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