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What are the outputs of the audit?

Key outputs are:

• a summary findings report;
• a letter from the Chief Archivist to your Chief Executive reviewing the findings and, if appropriate, making recommendations; and,
• an Annual Audit Report - the Chief Archivist will prepare a report to the Minister of Internal Affairs on the audits conducted under section 33 of the Public Records Act 2005.

The Annual Audit Report:

• provides an overview of the recordkeeping capability of the public offices audited;
• summarises common recordkeeping themes, issues and risks; and
• identifies areas requiring further research and/or investigation.

What happens to the Annual Audit Report?

The Minister of Internal Affairs presents this report to the House of Representatives.
Previous Annual Audit Reports can be found on the Archives New Zealand website.

Who do I contact?

For any further information please contact: or

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