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Records Toolkit

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Resources and Guides

Through this page a number of factsheets and guides produced by Archives New Zealand can be accessed and downloaded. Also available here are the resources produced for the Digitisation Toolkit. A number of  templates and resources can also be found here.

Not every document issued by Archives New Zealand is available here. As work on the toolkit progresses we will be adding new content and refreshing old content. Some of the standards and guidance that have been available on the main Archives New Zealand website are still accessible from that site. 

Records Management Standard for the New Zealand Public Sector

Summary and download links for the Records Management Standard can be found here:

Records Management Standard for the New Zealand Public Sector

Quick Guides

Quick Guides give short-form guidance about the subject. Each Quick Guide is available for viewing online and can be downloaded in both Word document and in PDF format.

Email and good recordkeeping

Email Archiving Solutions

Methods of Destruction

Public Records Act (PRA) and Central Government

Recordkeeping for text messages

Records Management and Social Media

Records Management and the cloud

Transport of your transfer to Archives New Zealand 

Trusted Computing and Digital Rights


Guides are longer and give more in-depth guidance on the subject documented. Each guide is available in both Word and pdf formats.

A guide to the Public Records Act

Guide to best practice in physical storage

Guide to developing a recordkeeping policy

Guide to managing records during administrative change

Guide to managing web records 

Making Decisions on the Access Status of Public Records

Recordkeeping for business activities carried out by contractors 

Risk management guide for disposal of records

Digitisation Toolkit Resources

A number of resources have been produced which comprise the Digitisation Toolkit. Links to each document can be found below:

Authority to retain digitised public records in electronic form only

AS/NZS ISO 13028:2012. Information and documentation - Implementation guidelines for digitisation of records

Checklist: Destruction of source records after digitisation

Explanatory notes for retaining digitised local authority records in electronic form only 

Explanatory notes for retaining digitised public records in electronic form only

Technical Specifications for digitisation

Technical Specifications for Electronic Recordkeeping Metadata

Templates and Forms

These templates are used in the processes of appraising, disposing and transferring records.

Access Authority form

Appraisal Report - Amendment to an existing Disposal Authority

Appraisal Report Functions, Activities and Records Evaluation Template 

Appraisal Report Legacy Functions, Activities and Records Evaluation Template

Deferring a Transfer - Agreement document and Templates

Disposal Schedule and Access Schedule Template

Transfer Agreement form

Additional Resources

General Disposal Authority (GDA) 6 - Common Corporate Service Public Records

General Disposal Authority (GDA) 7 - Facilitative, Transitory and Short Term Value Records

Information management education/training providers

List of Protected Records for Local Authorities

List of Public Offices

Policy for Deciding Public Office and Local Authority Status


If you have any questions or comments on any of these documents please email Archives New Zealand at: 

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