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The Appraisal Process: Part Seven - Working together – Expectations during the Appraisal Process

Posted by Archives New Zealand on 4 May 2016

Blog 7

The whole appraisal process is made much easier when we know what to expect from each other. The most important thing to remember is to stay in touch with Archives New Zealand during all stages of the process, even if you are only just beginning to plan the appraisal. We are happy to be asked any questions which will help you to complete your work.

As the agency you can expect Archives New Zealand to fulfil certain obligations. Archives New Zealand also has expectations of government agencies. These expectations are listed below and are available as a checklist.

Archives New Zealand will:

explain the full process for creating/amending a retention and disposal (R&D) schedule, including the level of engagement between the agency and any consultants

provide the current versions of forms/templates that need to be used

advise the agency when the draft R&D schedule is ready for the final review stage

manage the formal review process, including recommendations for changes as a result of the review/s

manage the Intention to Dispose (ITD) online process - this includes analysing comments received and liaising with the agency if any issues are raised

manage the ITD and Disposal Authority (DA) approval process with the Chief Archivist

create public access to the DA through the  Archway website including issuing the DA number

advise the agency of the approval of the DA and that the disposal actions can now be implemented

set a follow-up meeting to discuss implementation of the R&D schedule.


Archives New Zealand expects agencies to:

contact Archives New Zealand before creating an R&D schedule or before the current DA expires

nominate a designated individual to be a single point of contact, e.g. records manager, information manager for liaison with Archives New Zealand about DA expiry or the need to create a DA

research your agency functions and role in government when creating an R&D schedule

use the current templates provided by Archives New Zealand for the schedule, transfers etc - if unsure about these to check with Archives New Zealand before submitting the draft R&D schedule

submit your draft R&D schedule for formal review

ensure the records manager or consultant (if employed) maintains contact with Archives New Zealand during the appraisal process

ensure the records manager or consultant (if employed) is available for making amendments to the R&D schedule based on any comments received - allow for this when the initial quote for services is made

seek out a broad range of stakeholders to involve in the external consultancy process, e.g. government agencies, iwi, involved parties, professional history associations

discuss questions raised by the review process

amend the R&D schedule if changes are required following the Intention to Dispose process and as recommended by the Chief Archivist - approval cannot be granted before this process is complete

implement the DA within the agency once the schedule is published. If support is needed during this process please contact us at


We welcome feedback so if you have comments or questions about these expectations please feel free to comment on the blog post or contact Archives New Zealand at

This is our final blog in the appraisal series.

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