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What does the Government Recordkeeping Directorate do?

The Government Recordkeeping directorate is responsible for the following Archives New Zealand functions under the Public Records Act 2005:

• Provide advice or issue guidelines on the effective management of public and local authority records, Ministers papers and private records
• Overseeing the legal disposal and transfer of public records, Ministers papers and private records
• Supporting Iwi Māori and Community Archives
• Inspecting Public offices and Local Authorities
• Providing protocols and processes for the deferral of transfer
• Monitoring and reporting on the compliance of public offices and local authorities
• Issuing criteria for the independent auditing of public offices
• Keeping Access Deferral of transfer and Discharge registers in accordance with the Act
• Protecting local authority records for the purposes of the Act and their disposal
• Exercising a leadership role in archival activities in New Zealand
• Issuing mandatory and discretionary standards and instructions


The Government Recordkeeping Directorate has divided its public and local authority clients into the following portfolios for the purposes of providing advisory services:

• Environment/Business/Farming/Agriculture/Transport and Communications
• Crown Research Institutes, Culture Heritage & Sport, District Health Boards, Health and Tertiary education
• Defence, Security Services, Power, Foreign Affairs, Government, Money and Public Service
• Education, Tax, Maori Development, and Broadcasting
• Information and Welfare
• Law and public safety

Who should I contact?

For further information about any of the above functions or portfolios please contact

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