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Managing records & Archives

We are here to help you manage your organisations’ records so you can comply with the Public Records Act 2005 and achieve better business outcomes.

Public offices and local authorities have statutory obligations to manage their records under the Act. Records are important because they help organisations carry out their business activities and provide evidence of those activities. We develop standards as part of our obligations under the Act, to help public sector organisations create and maintain trustworthy, credible records.

Our standards describe practical and reliable methods for creating and maintaining records. Using them will help your organisation to work efficiently and effectively and to unlock the value of the information it holds.

Also available on this section of the toolkit are links to the Digitisation Toolkit, as well as advice on storage of archival records and advice for sectors.

Our core standard

Our core standard is the  Records Management Standard for the New Zealand Public Sector. Compliance with the requirements of the mandatory standard and the Principles and Exemptions will make sure you are on the right track to meeting your Public Records Act obligations.

If you are not a public office, we can still guide you towards best practice records and archives management in line with your business and community needs. The best way to get advice tailored to your needs is to contact us at

Additional resources can be found on the Resources and Guides page.

Information on international recordkeeping standards and the work we are doing in this field is available on the International Standards section of the main Archives website. 

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