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Welcome to the Records Toolkit

We're trialling a new way of sharing knowledge, advice and standards about records management in New Zealand. We hope you'll help us to build this site into a useful and useable tool for you.

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What is the Records Toolkit?

This toolkit has been developed by Archives New Zealand as an online recordkeeping and information m...

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Public Records Act 2005

The Public Records Act (the Act) is a regulatory framework for improving information management acro...

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What does the Government Recordkeeping Directorate do?

The Government Recordkeeping directorate is responsible for the following Archives New Zealand funct...

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Note about the guides and standards

Welcome to the new Archives New Zealand Records Toolkit. You may have noticed that most of our recor...

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The Importance of Checksums

As we increasingly work in the digital world there are new areas of work for information a...

Blog 7

The Appraisal Process: Part Seven - Working together – Expectations during the Appraisal Process

The whole appraisal process is made much easier when we know what to expect from each othe...