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What's New May 2015

Records Toolkit

Wed, 06/05/2015 - 9:43am

Archives New Zealand Records Toolkit


What is happening?

Archives New Zealand has launched a new beta website for providing recordkeeping advice. It is the Records Toolkit

The current recordkeeping advice on will be progressively moved to the beta Records Toolkit site. As work on the the toolkit progresses these resources will be refreshed and uploaded as applicable. For now if the guidance you want is not the Records Toolkit please use the guidance under Advice on Records & Archiving.

Why are we doing this?

Our current website has not been easy to navigate and is also difficult to maintain.  The Records Toolkit is a beta website which gives room to build a useful and user-friendly guidance and advice tool, phase by phase, for the records and wider information sector.

What won’t it do?

The beta Records Toolkit won’t provide advice on Community Archives or on accessing Archives NZ’s holdings.

How do I find more information?

We are actively seeking feedback from our clients on what they think of the new site.

For more information and to provide feedback about the Records Toolkit, email