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Chief Archivist's Annual Report on the State of Government Recordkeeping 2014-15

This is the fifth report issued by the Chief Archivist under the Public Records Act 2005 (the Act). 

The report contains a section on the state of Government recordkeeping which identifies trends and issues facing recordkeeping in the public sector, as well as Archives New Zealand’s plans for improving recordkeeping across the sector.

It also contains the findings for the 33 public offices audited in 2014/15 and summary data from the five-year cycle of recordkeeping audits of public offices which began in 2010.  201 audits have been completed in total.

The standard of recordkeeping maturity achieved by public offices since the Act came into force is not at the level that the Chief Archivist would expect.  Barely half of the public offices audited in 2014/15 have recordkeeping maturity at or above the level of a managed approach to records management.

During 2015/16 Archives New Zealand will evaluate the current audit programme to assess its value to public offices before staring the new programme of audits.

Archives New Zealand is also examining its wider role as a regulator so that good records provide a foundation for government accountability and the public can have confidence in the integrity of government records. 

Monday, December 14, 2015
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