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Advice on File Formats for the Creation of Digital Records

This guide provides advice to public sector organisations to assist them when choosing electronic file formats used in the creation and management of digital public records. Staff in your organisation should refer to this document when:

• designing and implementing business systems including Electronic Documents and Records
Management systems (EDRMS), Electronic Content Management systems (ECMS) and
line-of-business systems that hold records,
• defining technical requirements for recordkeeping systems,
• reviewing existing repositories that hold records,
• creating new groups of digital records which have common characteristics,
• planning for migration of electronic records, and
• planning for long term retention of vital records.

Selecting appropriate electronic file formats is a key consideration in ensuring the ongoing usability of public records and reduces the risk of losing critical business information over time. File formats touch on many aspects of digital records creation and use: preservation, adoption, anticipated reuse, un-anticipated re-use, portability and disposal.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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