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Draft Regulatory Statement

The Public Records Act 2005 (the Act) is now 10 years old and with the completion of the first audit round for 2010-2015, the standard of recordkeeping maturity achieved by public offices is not at the level the Chief Archivist would expect.

Our regulatory role was established by the Act in 2005.  A considerable body of work has been completed to establish and implement standards, advice and guidance for the management of public records and local authority records.  In addition, our regulatory actions and the development of regulatory tools have been continuous.

Given this work, the completion of the first audit cycle and the current government focus on improving New Zealand’s regulatory stewardship we are re-examining our role as a regulator.  This is to ensure that the outcomes sought for public and local authority recordkeeping are clear, attainable and continue to support the purposes of the Act.

Ultimately, optimising our regulatory role under the Act will provide greater assurance that good records are providing a foundation of government accountability and the public can have confidence in the integrity of central and local government records.

Consequently, we have drafted a Regulatory Statement which sets out, at a high level:

  • What we are trying to achieve
  • Compliance and prioritisation models
  • Our approach to compliance and enforcement, and
  • Our regulatory tools.




We plan to finalise the Regulatory Statement at the end of 2015/16 in light of the broader programme to optimise our regulatory role. This includes:

  • an assessment of the effectiveness of the audit programme, which will include the views of public offices that have been audited
  • the development of the next audit programme
  • building a deliberate approach to monitoring recordkeeping system health
  • the development of, and consultation on, a high level acquisition statement to guide appraisal
  • checking how we use standards, advice and guidance as tools to ensure best practice
  • refining how we use inspection and reporting powers under the Act, and explaining this to regulated parties and those requesting intervention.  
Wednesday, December 23, 2015