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Optimising our Regulatory Role

Archives New Zealand’s regulatory role was established by the Public Records Act in 2005. A considerable body of work has been completed to establish and implement standards, advice and guidance for the management of public records and local authority records since that time. Records and information management practice and our use of regulatory tools have continued to evolve. Archives New Zealand is currently optimising its regulatory role through a work programme that began with the release of a draft Regulatory Statement late in 2015.

Optimising our regulatory performance presents an opportunity to provide greater assurance that the purposes of the Act are being achieved.

Given the completion of the first audit cycle and the government focus on improving New Zealand’s regulatory stewardship we are re-examining our role as a regulator.  This is to ensure that the outcomes sought for public and local authority records and information management are clear, attainable and continue to support the purposes of the Act.

We plan to finalise the Regulatory Statement at the end of 2015/16 in light of the broader programme to optimise our regulatory role. This includes: