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Continuum Resource Kit

Continuum is a whole-of-government programme which provides a comprehensive resource kit of tools, standards and guidelines. Continuum supports the Public Records Act 2005 by providing guidance on recordkeeping requirements and best practice.

From September 2012, Archives New Zealand no longer provides printed Continuum kits. All of the Continuum kit documents are available from this page and are published in HTML and PDF versions. Some Continuum documents were not included in the printed kit because they were only published as soft-copies.

New Recordkeeping Publications

Archives New Zealand has recently developed the following publications:

General Disposal Authority 7: Facilitative, Transitory and Short-Term Records

About Continuum Recordkeeping Publications

Continuum Recordkeeping Publications are developed in a variety of formats dependant on the nature of the subject matter.


Standards are set by the Chief Archivist under the Public Records Act 2005. Standards set principles and requirements relating to an area of recordkeeping. Standards help public offices and local authorities meet their obligations under the Public Records Act 2005.


Guides are summaries of best practice and helpful information. Guides often concentrate on the ‘how to’. Guides contain information that will help you to meet the requirements of standards or other recordkeeping requirements.

Fact Sheets

Factsheets are short documents which focus on communicating key messages about recordkeeping.

General Disposal Authorities

General Disposal Authorities (GDAs) provide an authority for the disposal of records which are common across public offices.

Glossary of Terms

The Glossary of Terms is a compilation of legislative, digital continuity, digital preservation and recordkeeping terms.

Additional Supporting Tools

Addtional Supporting tools have been developed to assist with meeting requirements set under the Public Records Act 2005.

Forms & Templates

These documents may need to be used when working with Archives New Zealand to complete a Appraisal Report, Disposal Authority or a Records Transfer.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.