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  • OUTLine – Nationwide – This helpline is staffed by self-accepting GLBT people who have trained to help others over the phone in issues around sexual identity.
  • Agender – A national network offering social support and information for transgender people and their families.
  • GenderBridge – An incorporated society providing support for transgender people, their friends and family. Their website contains a lot of useful information.
  • PFLAG South – Dunedin – A group of parents and families in the lower half of the South Island. The PFlag South website has many useful resources for families.
  • InsideOUT – Our friends in Wellington who are doing awesome work to support queer & trans* youth!
  • Holding Our Own – Auckland – A support group for parents of LGBTQ children. Facebook. Website.
  • ITANZ – Intersex Awareness in New Zealand
  • For a region-by-region directory of queer & trans* groups around NZ, visit The I’m Local Project.