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Consultation & Evaluation Services

RainbowYOUTH can be contracted to do:

  • Professional Development training for staff
  • Training workshops for front line (service) staff
  • Consultation on policy development that is inclusive of LGBTI young people
  • Consultation on development/improvement of processes that affect young LGBTI people
  • Identification of barriers to entry/engagement for young LGBTI people
  • Consultation on gaining feedback from LGBTI young people for your organisation
  • Consultation on identifying funding sources and/or developing business plans for inclusion of LGBTI young people
  • Provide a LGBTI youth representative voice on Advisory panels

Organisations we have worked with in the past:

  • Schools, at all levels
  • NGO’s, particularly charities
  • Central and Local Government, and the organisations they control
  • Tertiary Institutions and Student Associations
  • For profit businesses and corporates
Item For other charities, NGOs, etc Corporate/ Government rate
^Per hour per person rate $40 $100
^Per day per person rate (8 hour day) $300 $600
*Over night accomodation, per night per person $150 $200
^includes in-region travel, meal requirements of RY employees, etc
*for charities/NGO’s, $150 per night is estimated in advance, RY will only charge for the actual cost incurred
Any major travel between regions (e.g. flights) will be charged to the client at the actual cost incurred
All prices exclude GST, which will be added at time of invoice at the standard rate of 15%