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Frequently Asked Questions

About our in school workshops:

What is covered in your workshops?

RainbowYOUTH have been delivering education workshops for schools, agencies, tertiary institutions and workplaces for the last 15 years. In our workshops, students develop the knowledge and interpersonal skills to enable them to interact sensitively with other people. They learn to evaluate the impact that social and cultural factors have on relationships, in particular, the impacts of stereotyping and a discrimination against individuals on the basis of their sex, gender and sexuality.

Our workshops explore sexual orientation and gender identity issues, the impact of homophobia and transphobia, and how to create a safer school and work environment for everyone.  These workshops cover several of the learning objectives of the NZQA Health and Physical Education Curriculum and can be adapted to meet the specific learning objectives of your class or organisation. Our workshops have recently undergone a significant evaluation to ensure that they meet the needs of our Māori and Pacific students.

Why is it important to have these workshops in our school?

Our education workshops are an important tool to raise awareness around the negative health impact bullying can have for those who are LGBTIQ and to empower young people to actively create inclusive learning environments. Reduction in bullying improves the wellbeing of all students and increases engagement with education and the learning community/school. Additionally, our workshops support the work of the Youth Health Action Plan and Youth Suicide Prevention Plan.

How long are your workshops?

Our school workshops can be delivered in a regular school period, ranging from 45 – 60 minutes. Please see our different workshop options here. 

Where are the workshops held?

We come to you! Our educators can work with a classroom, a year level or the whole school depending on your needs and timetabling. Our lessons can be delivered in a classroom workshop or we can do an assembly style presentation.

What kind of classroom do you need? e.g. speakers and projector

We can bring the technology we need with us, but if you have a classroom with projector, computer and speakers already, this saves setup time.

Can you create a custom workshop for our class or workplace?

Yes! We can adapt the language we use to suit the age and particular learning needs of your students or staff.

What age is most appropriate for your workshops?

Our workshops have been designed to work with high school students and can be adapted to also suit tertiary students and community organisations. We find that offering our workshops to year 9 and year 10 students ensures the longevity of this knowledge within a high school.

We have also designed a specific workshop for years 7 & 8 students.

When do we need to book?

We recommend booking up to a term in advance.

How much do your workshops cost?

Our different workshops have different costs, listed in the details of the workshop. Click here to see our different workshops.

Our pricing includes:

  • educator time
  • travel to and from your school
  • a resource pack for students and the school
  • admin fees

How do we pay for your workshops?

We will invoice you for the workshops. You will receive the invoice approximately one week after our workshops have been delivered.

Payment can be made via Credit Card, or processed through your school’s accounts department.

About our professional development workshops:

Do you run workshops for teachers?

Yes! We offer ongoing professional development for teachers to develop their rainbow cultural competency and to train teachers on how to use Inside Out in their classrooms. We run these professional development workshops once every school term and we can run extra workshops within a school if requested.

Can you run a professional development workshop for our business?

Yes! We have a particular interest in supporting organisations who support young people to deliver their services in a way that meets the specific needs of sex, sexuality and gender diverse people. We have run our Rainbow Cultural Competency workshops with libraries, tertiary institutions, health care providers and local government.

See: A breakdown of our professional development workshops here.


Any further questions? Email us: