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richard arnold




Phone: TBA

Role Description: 

The Sports and Recreation representative position is the ideal opportunity for a RW member to assist the development of recreation activities in Wellington. 

The Rep is automatically a member of all RW affiliated organisations and as such is in an ideal position to assist and communicate with those organisations. 

The Rep reports each month to the RW Board about Rainbow recreation activities being undertaken and can seek support groups with the grant application process that RW has.


Richard Arnold is the team captain of Wellington's LGBTI swim club Different Strokes Wellington.  He is also involved with Rainbow Team Wellington - the local association of LGBTI sports and recreation clubs, and on the  Rainbow Wellington Board he represents the interests of these clubs.  He is originally from Christchurch, but has lived in Wellington since 1999.  He is a lecturer and researcher in statistics at Victoria University of Wellington, and takes a professional interest in social statistics.   As well as promoting the interests of our community, he is interested in getting the best possible evidence about who we are and what we do. 

Goals for 2015: To help pull together all of the Rainbow Communities Sports Groups in Wellington and help send them to the OutGames 2016.

Constitutional Obligations: 

Sports and Recreation Representative position shall:

  1. Ensure that there is adequate local liaison on recreation and activities issues. This includes liaison with Rainbow Team Wellington and any other relevant local Rainbow club;
  2. Ensure that there is adequate national and international liaison on recreation and activities issues. This includes liaison with Outgames, Gay Games and any other relevant national and international Rainbow body;
  3. Be an ex-officio member of all the Association’s affiliated clubs;
  4. Be a member of the Rainbow Team Wellington Board;
  5. Advise and help Rainbow affiliate clubs or prospective clubs; and
  6. Report at an ordinary meeting of the Executive once a month on matters that have arisen of interest to the Executive and of matters dealt to by the Recreation and Leisure Representative.