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Photo by GoodLifeStudio/iStock / Getty Images




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Role Description: 

The Secretary at RW needs to be able to assist the Chair with RW administrative and executive duties.
The administrative role includes record keeping, mail communications management, notices to the RW Board and Membership and reporting at the monthly RW Board meetings.
The executive role includes undertaking Chair duties when necessary and co-ordinating RW representation at local and regional meetings with RW affiliates and government officials.



By-Law Obligations: 

Association Secretary position shall:

  1. Assist the Chairperson in their duties;
  2. Undertake any daily Chairperson duties in the absence of the Chairperson;
  3. Coordinate representatives on regional committees in Wellington;
  4. Ensure that the Association’s Constitution and Regulations are updated after every General Meeting;
  5. Advertise, and publicise all meetings and forums of the Association;
  6. Be a cheque signatory of the Association;
  7. Ensure the efficient workings of the Executive, including the preparation of Agenda and circulation of Minutes of Meetings;
  8. Ensure that Minutes of all Association meetings are kept;
  9. Ensure that all policy passed at Executive Meetings are entered into the RWPolicy Manual;
  10. Follow up and follow through on opportunities and keep detailed track of communication
  11. Liaise with the Accounts/Treasurer to monitor and forecast the financial affairs of the Executive; and
  12. Report at each ordinary meeting of the Executive on matters that have arisen of interest to the Executive and of matters dealt to by the Secretary.