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Steve Farrow


Phone: 027-466-0439

Role Description: 

My role on Rainbow Wellington’s Board: to protect RW’s assets and safeguard our stasus as a registered charity. I do that vigorously. It also means that, within the parameters of RW’s application guidelines, I can support RW championing Wellington’s vigorous GLBTI communities.


A pupil at Aranui High Chch - late 1960s; a student of history/politics/music at Canterbury University - early 1970s; teaching history/social studies/social control and lots of other things for almost 30 years at Hornby High, Marian College and Buller High.

Moved into education union politics, which brought me back to Wellington in 2003.

Eventually joined Rainbow Labour Wellington and became part of the Board. Through that I learnt about Rainbow Labour Wellington and GAP (as RW was called then) and we co-hosted the 20th Homosexual Law Reform Act Anniversary bash at Premier House in 2006.

My involvement in glbti politics was spurred by the Destiny Church rally in front of Parliament during the Civil Union debate. I arrived a bit late so looked down on that from the terrace outside the Parliamentary Library. As a NZ history teacher, I have only ever seen those scenes from the European history I taught – Germany in the 1930s!

Years later, sitting in the Chamber: I cried during the waiata at the end of the Marriage Equality debate in 2013.

Goals for 2015: To come

By-Law Obligations:  To come