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We're looking for someone to help create the external messages for Rainbow Wellington such as writing press releases, editing website content and other publications . It would be helpful if you have worked with the media in the past.

The RW media co-ordinators are responsible for promoting the various RW ‘campaigns’ to the membership and supporters through regular e-newsletters and to membership, supporters and the wider community using social media.
The co-ordinators are always on the look-out for ways in which RW campaigns can be promoted by local, regional and national media outlets and for opportunities for RW to speak at conferences and other suitable gatherings.
RW media co-ordinators are currently the RW Chair and Secretary but could be any interested party approved by the RW Board.

  • Write and edit communications materials including external, internal and electronic newsletters, press releases, and donor/volunteer letters
  • Develop new communication strategies, including more web-based, interactive strategies and social media
  • Assist with marketing of Rainbow Wellington Campaigns
  • General support of all activities of the Rainbow Wellington, including special
  • events, community outreach, mailings 
  • Identify opportunities to promote Rainbow Wellington in local, regional, and national media outlets
  • Identify and secure speaking engagements at conferences, colleges, corporations, etc.
  • Write press-releases and emails, make phone calls, and update media page on Rainbow Wellington website
  • Build relationships with journalists and media personalities

If you have the skills or know of someone who could help, please contact us here:

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