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Rawa Karetai


Rawa Karetai


Phone: 027-405-1883

Role Description: 

The Chairperson at Rainbow Wellington is the Officer who supervises the affairs of the Organisation at and between meetings of the Board. The Chair is a member of all Committees that might exist under the RW umbrella and is a bank signatory as part of the RW financial management.

The Chair is the ‘public face’ of RW, is the spokesperson when comment is needed for the news and social media and is an member of all clubs, societies and associations affiliated with RW. 


Rawa is a former President of Massey University's Albany Students' Association and was heavily involved in the marriage equality campaign, Chairing regular community meetings on the issue and organising the National Marriage Equality Conference in 2012. Currently in his third term as chairperson, Rawa has championed International Human Rights campaigns in particular highlighting the work still needed in the Pacific, Africa, Russia, Australia and Turkey. He has also helped submitted on documents to the United Nations and the Commonwealth Head of Government Meetings. Currently

Goals for 2015: 

This year we've focused more on the internal structures of Rainbow Wellington. With the creation of a new website, creating role descriptions and strengthening Rainbow Wellingtons strategic direction. Rainbow Wellington is also hoping to join the ILGA Oceanic Board.

By-Law Obligations: 

Association Chairperson position shall:

  1. Be responsible for the supervision of the affairs of the Association;
  2. Be responsible for overseeing the administration of the Association between Executive meetings;
  3. Be chairperson of any General Meetings of the Association;
  4. Be chairperson of any Executive Meeting;
  5. Be responsible for Executive matters in the absence of the Executive;
  6. Be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Association;
  7. Be a cheque signatory for the Association;
  8. Be responsible for the coordination of all dealings with bodies external to the Association.
  9. Be responsible for the coordination of the work of the Executive;
  10. Represent the Association in the media, to other organisations and nationally on issues affecting the Rainbow Community in Wellington;
  11. Report at each ordinary meeting of the Executive on matters that have arisen of interest to the Association and of matters dealt with by the Chairperson; and
  12. Be an ex-officio member of all affiliated clubs and societies of the Association.

Previous Chairperson Reports: to come