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We're looking for someone to help replace our former Trans* Representative. In the mean time, if you need to talk to anyone please contact us here.

The Trans* representative is the person who takes responsibility for the direction of the Trans portfolio within RW. The role might involve:

  • Investigating Trans* Issues;
  • Reporting at the monthly RW Board meetings about the best action for the RW Board to take;
  • Help implement a strategy relevant to Trans* issues agreed to by the Board;
  • Represent the RW Board at events like Local Government, Central Government and other community organisations;
  • Co-ordinate Trans* issues within the RW membership;
  • Monitor Rainbow Community support services within the Greater Wellington Region; and
  • Assisting RW Trans* members access health and welfare entitlements.

If you have the skills or know of someone who could help, please contact us here:

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