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Phone: 021-224-9922

Role Description: 

The Elderly representative is the person who takes responsibility for the direction of the Elderly LGBTIA portfolio within RW. The role might involve:

  • Investigating issues related to the Elderly;
  • Reporting at the monthly RW Board meetings about the best action for the RW Board to take;
  • Implementing a strategy relevant to Elderly LGBTIA issues agreed to by the Board;
  • Represent the RW Board at events for  Local Government, Central Government, or any other Rainbow Community organisations events; 
  • Co-ordinate Elderly LGBTIA issues within the RW membership;
  • Monitor Rainbow support services within the Greater Wellington Region; and
  • Assisting RW membership to access Elderly LGBTIA entitlements


Ian has been working in addiction treatment for 45 years and is currently Executive Director of the Addiction Practitioners’ Association. He has written over 50 publications, several on addiction matters affecting lesbian and gay communities. He has been a long-standing member of Rainbow Wellington and is in his second year on the Executive.

His particular RW interest is in understanding the needs and aspirations of LGBTI elders and how RW might contribute to their wellbeing.

Goals for 2015: To Come

Bi-Law Obligations: 

Welfare Representatives positions (3) shall (one Trans*, one Youth and one Elderly):

  1. Be jointly responsible for the Welfare portfolio;
  2. Be jointly responsible for overseeing all matters involving welfare including the investigating, actioning, monitoring and reporting of welfare issues and services in the wellington region;
  3. Be jointly responsible for representing the Rainbow Wellington Executive and the interests of members by representing Rainbow Wellington on any appropriate Local Government Authority, Central Government Authority, Rainbow Wellington or national body, forum or committee;
  4. Be jointly responsible for overseeing the coordination and writing of welfare policy of the Rainbow Wellington Executive;
  5. Promote, publicise and coordinate issues of welfare with other members of Rainbow Wellington Executive and other members;
  6. Coordinate the organisation of activities relevant to their portfolio, such as theme weeks;
  7. Be harassment contact persons;
  8. Monitor all Rainbow Community support services provided to the Greater Wellington Region, including Health and Counselling Services;
  9. Assist members in getting in touch with entitlement advocates to Income Support, grants, and loans, and give support in any other areas of fees, loans, and allowances that members may need;
  10. Work on issues related to the nature of all gender members;
  11. Ensure that in other areas of work of the Executive and Association there is representation of all sexes;
  12. Ensure the continuation and development of support groups and activities in Wellington for at risk rainbow community members.
  13. Ensure that there is adequate national liaison on welfare issues;
  14. Ensure there is adequate liaison with the members concerning their activities; and
  15. Report at an ordinary meeting of the Executive once a month on matters that have arisen of interest to the Executive and of matters dealt to by the Welfare Representatives.