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Grant Application Form

Please note, you must be a affiliated organisation or club to receive grants from Rainbow Wellington.

Rainbow Wellington Grants Criteria

1Any project to which a contribution is made must have a direct and demonstrable benefit to the glbti community.

2. Funding will be for organisations or groups and not usually for individual purposes.

3The organisation must be able to demonstrate a system of accountability for funds spent and some indication of its likely continuation or duration as a group or organisation before any grant is made. RW may request access to an independent audit assessment of the accounts of the recipient before and/or after the grant is made.

4In general, no project will be underwritten in its entirety. Applicants are expected to seek support from other funders and to be able to show that they have drawn on their own resources as far as possible and appropriate. Any funding granted will usually be in respect of a definable aspect of the project.

5Funding will not usually be for more than a single financial period. Although further applications can be made there is no guarantee of funding beyond a first grant.

6Funding will be for operational and promotional activities or purposes only. No grants will be made for capital expenditure.

7All organisations in receipt of grants will be expected to include a suitable acknowledgement to RW in any publicity or other public material they may issue.

If you are affiliated, please complete the following information fields: 

Main Contact Person's Name *
Main Contact Person's Name
Phone *
Type of Grant *
Explain how your project is going to support Rainbow Wellingtons objects and how you are attempting/ intending to support them. For example, your event might help with one of our Human Rights campaigns, encourage better engagment with other queer groups within the greater Wellington Community
Explain what your project is and why you need to apply for a grant. (aims and objectives of the project, intended use of the equipment, benefits to the club / other clubs / other students and so forth).
Club Activities (ideas of what you would like to do)
Total Cost (for projects or if otherwise necessary please attach a breakdown of this cost). Your project must be financially accountable.
Explain how your club will be making any deficits or financial liability and please explain what methods, organisations or board structure do you have to use to account for all expenditure. (Rainbow Wellington can provide this oversight).

Please email to Rainbow Wellington any extra information - 

  • A full listing of all your club assets;
  • A budget for your current financial year; and
  • Any supporting documentation.

By signing here I verify that all the information on this form is true and accurate and that I am authorised to do so by the organisation named above and will provide a report to the Rainbow Wellington Executive Committee on how the money helped.