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Forms and resources

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Detailed user guidelines

These guidelines contain detailed information and guidance to bringing or responding to a claim, attending the hearing, and what happens after the hearing. Each section contains a practical demonstration of each stage of your interaction with the Disputes Tribunal.

Download the full document: Disputes Tribunal user guidelines (PDF, 957 KB)

By section:

  1. Thinking about using the Disputes Tribunal (PDF, 527KB)
  2. Making a claim and submitting it (PDF, 627KB)
  3. Preparing to defend a claim (PDF, 476KB)
  4. At a Disputes Tribunal hearing (PDF, 371KB)
  5. After a Disputes Tribunal hearing (PDF, 771KB)

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Quick reference fact sheets

The information on this website is also available to download as printable factsheets in PDF format. A link to the printable version is at the top of each page. The factsheets are also listed here:

  1. Disputes Tribunal - general information (PDF, 490KB)
  2. Making a claim (PDF, 399KB)
  3. Responding to a claim (PDF, 374KB)
  4. Attending a hearing (PDF, 383KB)
  5. If a decision is in your favour (PDF, 146KB)
  6. If a decision is against you (PDF, 382KB)
  7. Rehearings and appeals (PDF, 404KB)

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You can also apply online.

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Example claim forms

Click the links below to view examples of completed claim forms:

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