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Better Public Services targeted results

58,000 fewer crimes each year

7500 fewer violent crimes each year

1800 fewer court appearances by 14-16 year olds

4600 fewer re-offenders returning

View the Reducing Crime and Reoffending results on the State Services Commission website.

Results will be updated every six months.


Better Public Services: Reducing crime

20% decrease arrow

The government has set ambitious Better Public Services targets for the justice sector: to reduce overall crime by 20% by June 2018 and to reduce violent crime by 20%, youth crime by 25%, and re-offending by 25% by June 2017.

The justice sector has had a successful few years, with the recorded crime rate at the lowest point since 1978. Reducing the crime rate further is a challenge, but one we’re well-placed to achieve.

In this section:

  • Achieving our targets
    Find out about our action plans to reduce opportunities for crime, target vulnerable youth and youth offenders, reduce alcohol and drug abuse, and reduce re-offending.
  • Measuring results
    Detail on how our results will be reported and recorded and links to crime data.