Proposed members' bills

Members' bills are bills introduced by members who are not ministers. Every second Wednesday the House gives precedence to local, private, and members' bills. On these days members' bills are debated.

Only eight members' bills awaiting first reading can be on the Order Paper on each members' day. When a space on the Order Paper becomes available, a ballot is held to decide which members' bill(s) will be introduced. Members enter bills in the ballot by lodging notices of proposal with the Table Office and providing a copy of the proposed bill. This can be done on any working day. The proposed bill is then posted on the website and members can publicly indicate their support for the bill prior to the ballot.

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Members' bills ballot

These documents contain the bills entered in the ballot on the date given and the outcome of the ballot.

Proposed members' bills 1 to 20 of 77

Title Member Date

Accident Compensation (Recent Migrants and Returning New Zealanders) Amendment Bill

Melissa Lee 25 Jun 15

Age of Majority (Attainment at 18 Years) Amendment Bill

Brett Hudson 16 Mar 16

Animal Welfare (Outdoor Access for Farmed Animals) Amendment Bill

Hon Trevor Mallard 07 Apr 16

Arbitration Amendment Bill

Tim Macindoe 11 Nov 15

Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill

Clayton Mitchell 10 Nov 15

Burial and Cremation (Removal of Audit Requirement for Cemetery Trusts) Amendment Bill

Lindsay Tisch 02 Dec 15

Care of Children (Adoption and Surrogacy Law Reform) Amendment Bill

Kevin Hague 06 Apr 16

Celebrant Eligibility Expansion Bill

Paul Foster-Bell 04 Mar 16

Charter Schools (Application of Official Information and Ombudsmen Acts) Bill

Hon Nanaia Mahuta 27 Mar 15

Child Poverty Reduction and Eradication Bill

Jacinda Ardern 03 Dec 14

Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Parent's and Guardian's Responsibility) Amendment Bill

Barbara Kuriger 17 Mar 15

Companies (Annual Report Notice Requirements) Amendment Bill

Matt Doocey 05 Nov 15

Copyright (Parody and Satire) Amendment Bill

Gareth Hughes 26 Aug 15

Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance (Break Fees Disclosure) Amendment Bill

Simon O’Connor 13 Aug 15

Credit Reforms (Responsible Lending) Bill

Kris Faafoi 15 Oct 15

Crimes (Covert Intimate Filming of Incapacitated Persons) Amendment Bill

Tracey Martin 02 Dec 15

Crimes (Increased Penalty for Providing Explosive to Commit Crime) Amendment Bill

Todd Muller 10 Nov 15

Crimes (Non-fatal Strangulation) Amendment Bill

Kelvin Davis 01 Apr 15

Criminal Procedure (Removing Paedophile Name Suppression) Amendment Bill

Pita Paraone 29 Apr 15

Crown Minerals (Homes and Residences Exemption) Amendment Bill

Catherine Delahunty 08 Dec 15