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Driver licence suspensions

If you have unpaid traffic fines or reparation you could have your driver licence suspended. This means you will not be able to legally drive in New Zealand or overseas. To avoid this happening to you, pay your fines now.

For more information, read the common questions.

Making a payment from overseas

We've made it easier for you to pay court fines from overseas.


Welcome to Fines, Reparation and Civil Debt

Welcome to Fines, Reparation and Civil Debt

The Collections Unit of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for the collection and enforcement of fines, including Court-imposed fines, lodged infringements and reparation.  They also provide enforcement services for unpaid civil judgements/orders at a creditor's request.



A fine can be an unpaid infringement fine that has been filed in court for collection or an amount of money a person has been ordered to pay as penalty for a criminal offence


A Judge can order an offender to pay someone money if they have suffered emotional harm or had property lost as a result of a crime.  This is known as reparation.

Civil debt

When a claim is made in a tribunal hearing or civil court case an order of payment may be made for one person (the debtor) to pay the other person (the creditor)

Offender levy

A new offender levy has been introduced that will be used to fund a range of new services for victims of serious crime.

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