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Second Referendum on the New Zealand Flag
Final Result

  30 March 2016

The Electoral Commission has released the final result for the second referendum on the New Zealand Flag. The referendum asked the question:
"What is your choice for the New Zealand flag?"

The option with the most votes was
Option B: Current New Zealand Flag

Current New
                Zealand Flag

The votes were cast as follows:

Number of Votes
Percentage of
Total Valid Votes
Option A:
Silver Fern Flag
Silver Fern Flag
Option B:
Current New Zealand Flag
Current New Zealand
Informal Votes 5,044
Total Valid Votes 2,135,622

The number of invalid votes cast was 5,273.

Voter turnout was 67.8%. Turnout is calculated by taking the total votes received of 2,140,895 (being total valid and invalid votes) as a percentage of the total number of voters enrolled as at 3 March 2016 (3,158,576).

Referendum Final Result by Electorate


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