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The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs

Te Tari Taiwhenua

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Purchasing information

Information for suppliers of goods and services to the Department of Internal Affairs.

Purchasing methods

We do our best to ensure that suppliers are paid on time. You can help us to avoid any payment delays by following these guidelines:

  • Any goods or services valued over $500 (plus GST) will need a purchase order number. Please ask our staff member for one if it's not provided.
  • Please ensure that all invoices include:
    • the name of our staff member, and
    • a purchase order number if you have it.
  • All invoices should clearly detail the goods or services provided, and match any purchase order and what was delivered.
  • Please do not split invoices to come under the $500 (plus GST) threshold.

Purchase orders

We use purchase orders to approve, manage and make payment for all purchases:

  • over $500 (plus GST), or
  • made under a contract or agreement.

Purchases under the $500 (plus GST) threshold can be made using a supplier invoice, purchasing card or purchase order.

If you are asked to supply goods or services over the $500 (plus GST) threshold, please be sure to ask our staff member for a purchase order. This will help us process your invoice quickly.

We provide purchase orders by email. Please contact us at and provide the email address to which purchase orders should be sent.

Purchase order terms and conditions

Link to our standard purchase order terms and conditions:

If you have any questions about the methods we use to purchase goods or services, please email our purchasing team at . Accounts payable queries should be sent to


We understand that getting paid on time is important to our suppliers. Here are some things you can do when invoicing us to help make sure this happens without delay.

Review the purchase order to ensure it matches the invoice exactly

Please check that all line items on the purchase order and invoice match exactly to what was delivered including unit of measure, quantity and unit price.

If there are any discrepancies or changes, contact our staff member before sending your invoice so that the purchase order can be corrected. Any inconsistencies between what was delivered, the purchase order, and the invoice could result in delayed payment.

Submit a complete and accurate invoice

A valid tax invoice is one that meets the requirements of the Goods & Services Tax Act 1985. If your business is registered for GST your invoices should include your GST number and state the words "Tax Invoice" as well as comply with all other aspects of the Act.

Please make sure you include the purchase order number and the name of our staff member on your invoice.

Send your invoice to our accounts payable team

We prefer to receive invoices electronically. Please send your invoices to our Accounts Payable team at

Alternatively you can post your invoice to:

Department of Internal Affairs
Accounts Payable
PO Box 130
Wellington 6140  

Payment information

Payment terms

If you have a contract with us, it will state the payment terms.

If there is no contract in place, or no other payment terms are specified, our standard payment terms apply. This means payment is made by the 20th of the month after we have received your invoice. For example, if we receive an invoice in January, it will be paid on 20 February. It is possible to request changes to our standard payment terms when they are not linked to a contract - please see ‘maintaining your details’ below for more information.

Payment method

Our payment method is electronic funds transfer (EFT). This means payments can be electronically deposited directly into your designated bank account. We will endeavour to email a remittance advice confirming the EFT payment on the day the payment is made.

Maintaining your details

If you change your bank account information, address, company name or any other information previously provided, please email us at so our purchasing team can make the necessary changes.


To change your payment method we need to verify your bank account details.

You can do this by:

  • providing a bank deposit slip (a scanned copy will be fine), or
  • a screenshot showing your bank account details (please block out any account activity).
  • The document must have both the bank's logo and the account number. Make sure the bank account you use on the invoice is the one we will be verifying.

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