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The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs

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Fire Services Transition

Transition news and information

New Zealand’s urban and rural fire services will be brought together into one unified fire services organisation from mid-2017.

Information about the transition to the new unified fire services organisation will be posted on these web pages.

Timeline for transition

The new organisation is expected to be set up around the middle of 2017. The initial transition work will focus on what must be achieved for the new organisation to be legally unified by that time as well as other important work necessary to get off to a good start. All the dates on this timeline could change, depending on the Parliamentary process, but we will update this timeline if they do change and explain why.

Timeline of the Fire Services transition. Click on the image for a larger version.

Email your questions

As the sector continues to work together to design our fire services of the future, it’s essential that you’re kept informed as things unfold. If you can’t find the information you need on these pages please ask your manager (if you are in the fire services) or email

We will respond directly to you. If the topic is likely to interest other people too, we’ll also post the answer on this page.

Latest update on the transition

New line-up will lead big changes ahead in the fire services sector (17/03/2016)

The Minister of Internal Affairs Peter Dunne has announced new members for the Board of the New Zealand Fire Service Commission from 1 April 2016.

The announcement of the new Board is an important milestone in the journey to build New Zealand’s rural and urban fire services into one unified fire organisation.  

“This new Board will lead a new organisation that is flexible, modern and efficient and that values and supports its volunteer and paid workforce,” said the Minister.

Read the Minister’s media statement about the new members:  

In February the Minister announced that the Hon Paul Swain has been appointed chair of the Board of the New Zealand Fire Service Commission from 1 April 2016.

“Mr Swain brings an extensive knowledge of the fire services sector to the role, along with change management expertise,” said the Minister.

Read the Minister’s media statement:

More information about the decision and the background

Read more about the decision to amalgamate New Zealand’s fire services and the Fire Services Review that lead to the decision.