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Sunday 10 April 2016

Bears shave in the name of charity

Posted in: New Zealand Daily News
By Daily News staff - 2nd April 2016

Today members of the bear community said goodbye to some of their fur in the name of charity.

Christophe and John
Members of the Bear New Zealand organising group took part in a public shearing at the Dog’s Bollix today as part of Shave For A Cure, Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand's signature fundraising event.

An issue close to home for many, at the beginning of this year, Bear New Zealand member, Gary Edwards, was diagnosed with leukaemia. He says he is very “proud” and touched by the support the Bears have shown to him and to this cause.

Over $1,500 has already been pledged to the group, who are known as the 'Ginger Bear Cabal’.

John Egan is one of the members went full 'cue ball' and­ everything but his eyebrows and eyelashes was shaved off. ”To some people the bear community is defined by being solidly built, furry­faced or furry bodied,” he says.

“I happen to be all three, but being a bear is more of an outlook. Some guys are really attached to their facial fuzz. I think I look better with at least a goatee and 'stache, but I'm OK with my baby face too!"

Christophe Jannin­Powell, who also got a closer than usual shave on Sunday, says the cause is close to many hearts in the community.

"Getting involved is a way of showing that we are conscious of it and supporting the ones we love touched by it. It is our way to say "we are fighting with you, you are not alone.”

To donate and support the bears, head to their fundraising page

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