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Nathan Joe on writing for Legacy Project

Posted in: Performance, Pride News
By Jacqui Stanford - 10th February 2015

Writer Nathan Joe hopes audiences bring an open mind to his Legacy Project short play Act Of Submission, which has the brief synopsis “Blindfolds, bondage and ball gags. What could possibly go wrong?”

It’s the second year in a row the budding playwright’s work has been selected for the initiative, which bundles together short plays telling uniquely Kiwi lgtbi stories.

Joe says Act of Submission has similar themes to his 2014 piece – both are about breakdowns in relationships between two men. “This one’s more about a secret or a desire which has come out in a long term relationship. The desire to be dominated or to dominate,” he says.

“In terms of the characters and what one of them is into. I’d like [the audience] to be able to see past the trappings of the bondage and the bdsm and be able to experience the relationship issues at hand. Because that’s what it is really – a relationship drama, with the superficial conceit of bondage and ball gags.”

Joe was working in film and television when he moved to Auckland three years ago, but a love for theatre has driven him to be a playwright. In 2013 he won a Playmarket competition called Asian Ink which gave him a foot in the door.

“I am committed to the idea of becoming a playwright. And Legacy Project last year was a part of that process of making me more certain that this is what I want to pursue.”

He says most of those involved in the initiative are quite new in the grand scheme of the theatre world.

“None of the writers are exactly well-established writers. Even though some of us might be a little bit more experienced than the others.”

In 2015, Legacy Project Year Two is part of both Auckland Pride and Auckland Fringe.

The second year comes with a larger venue in Q Theatre’s Loft, which Joe says is pushing them to up their game.

10 – 14 February, 8.45pm
LOFT at Q Theatre, 305 Queen St, Auckland CBD
Buy tickets here
(Note –  both tonight and Wednesday are nearly sold out)

Jacqui Stanford - 10th February 2015

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